Technologically Advanced

Technology and competition in global job markets have out paced what our education system provides. Thus educators have to fill the gap between what is taught in schools and what the ground realities are in the ever ...

Top Facilities & Infrastructure

Manthan takes pride in providing a fantastic world class infrastructure that is required to conduct the school in line with the recommendations of the Cambridge Board.

Best Teaching Methodologies

Manthan is a new age institution that focuses on a skills-based, student-centred, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning as opposed to the traditional content-based, teacher-centred, examination-oriented ...


Ramakrishna is the overall head of the school and is primarily responsible for its strategy, philosophy, value system and makes sure learning enviroment is created in the best possible way every day in every class for every child.


The one-size-fits-all model of content-based examination-oriented teaching that takes place in the majority of schools even today has actually been obsolete for ages and must be replaced by a very different system of skills.


Parental Involvement - Manthan treats parents as partners in the education of their children. Only when both the school and parents work in tandem can the learning goals be achieved. Manthan keeps parents abreast with ...


Sparsh - a Manthan School Magazine. Sparsh means ‘touch’.We intend to touch the hearts of our readers through the lovely collection of stories, poems and other exciting write ups by the students.